Metaspectacle is an independent media creation house that specialises in the production of audio content in the form of podcasts. Recent collaborations include Plymouth College of Art where Nicholas John (of Metaspectacle) recently completed his Master's Degree in Fine Art.


'The MA is an all round edifying experience, which led to some great projects that were driven creatively and managed intelligently.'


With the success of the Musification and Earth System Data podcast. Metaspectacle has continued to work with new creative partners to produce audio content that is available on demand to a global audience.


'What we do here is appealing, which is great, but the real strength of Metaspectacle is not to consider demographic, but to focus on subject.'


Metaspectacle has an inherent awareness of continental philosophies, in part the neologism metaspectacle is a combination of Guy Debords Situationist manifesto The Society of the Spectacle as well as ideas central to semiotic schools of thought.


'I think Metaspectacle transcends these ideas and is becoming a Nomadology in of itself, or at least the showbiz arm of a Nomadologicalism.'