About metaspectacle

Technoetic Aesthetics in a Panpsychic Absurdiuum* 

Metaspectacle is an art practice based upon the information of information itself. It is conceptual and analytical. Dealing with contemporary issues, practices and concerns. Using contemporary frameworks, materials and technologies.

Exploration into subjects such as cognition, neurobiology, philosophy and the science of consciousness. Including the topic of artificial intelligence and the contemporary issues intrinsic to this and related subjects. A full compendium of resources related to the field of AI research can be found @Cornucop_AI

Employing a variety of materials both contemporary and traditional, such as computation, 3D, time, helium, writing, audio and moving image.

These materials form multimedia art products at a number of sites. Existing in multiple states at the virtual, physical and/or conceptual.

A continuum of the absurd* 


Nicholas Lands (b. 1972, UK)
nick@metaspectacle.com | www.metaspectacle.com | 07477 561025
University of Suffolk, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2017

Group Exhibitions:

2017       Blue shift Paradigm, University of Suffolk, UK
2017       From the Studio Floor, Cambridge, UK
2016       Happening on the High Street, Ipswich Museum and Art School Gallery, UK
2016       One, Suffolk One, UK

Solo Exhibitions:

2016       Ten Project, University of Suffolk, UK
2015       Helium works, Paradiso, Bristol, UK


Berry, Laurel: ‘Featured Artist’, Pop My Mind, March 2017
Berry, Laurel: ‘Artist of the Week’, Pop My Mind, January 2017


Private Collection, Essex UK


2015, Ten Project, University of Suffolk, UK