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Degree show project

David Chalmers describes consciousness as "one of the fundamental facts of human existence", he goes on to say "If we weren't conscious, nothing in our world would have meaning or value". John Searle on consciousness reminds us that it is a "curiously neglected subject in both science and philosophy". Suggesting that it is such an important subject that "consciousness has to become accepted as a genuine biological phenomena as much subjected to scientific analysis as any other phenomena".

The work in progress for the degree show has plaster poured over transparent spheres. Resulting in incomplete surfaces of plaster over the body of the sphere, covering some areas completely, leaving other areas transparent. There is a simplicity to that surface. It is a surface that is receptive, to ideas, to projections. There is a quality conducive to contemplation.

I want to articulate these ideas as if I am discussing the mind itself or contemplation itself. A state of mind that is ready to receive.

In addition to the plaster works I had also been exploring the subject of artificial intelligence (Ai) and I realized that the ability to experiment is within my reach. The starting point for which is the focus on Ai learning. One of the key problems that is under scrutiny for those interested in Ai.

Ai learning is where the idea of neural networks becomes entwined with the subject of Ai. The principles of the mathematics behind solving problems is seen as being in parallel with how the organic human brain operates. Which opens up a philosophical discourse within the subject. To understand how to create Ai we must understand how the human brain functions. This seems to be one of the benefits of Ai that ultimately it may lead us to a better understanding of ourselves and consciousness.